Teen Executive on the Game of Investing

Teen Executive started at 8 years old and has more ambition and investing self awareness than most adults. He joins Cobie & Ledger to talk investing, business, social media fame, life goals, and more.

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Show Notes

Kicking it Off

– Real name is Adam – 14 years old

– Not taking outside noise into his trades

– Just holding unless there’s something really clear cut to signal a temporary sell



– Cobie: “you’ve been selling the top and buying the bottom how are you doing this?”

– Sold ETH at $3800, watched it rip to $4300 and everyone

– Everyone roasting him for selling “too early” (they’ve been very quiet since the drop)

Start of Investing

– Grandfather inspired him to get into stocks at AGE 8 sheesh

– Bought Amazon, Google and Liberty Global

– Still holding Amazon and Google 6 years later

– His grandfather got margin called a few years ago and lost a ton of money (not sure he should be saying that)

– Cobie: “sounds like he might need a loan from the bank of teen executive”

– At a stage now that he’s almost ready to buy a house!

– Has time to wait if need be, 14 y/o

– Thinking an Arizona house but only for investment purposes

– Landlord at 14 “All of the tenants are going to be so sad” lolll

No stress trading by Teen Exec: “If I lose it all I’m 14 I’m still good like I live at home in my parents house I’ll be fine”

How do you find your coins?

– TE: “I just go with what people are talking about like XRP Cardano whatever it may be”

– what’s your favorite?

– Exec: “Ethereum.” v bullish ETH

Crypto Cycles?

– “I care about cycles just cause I’m super impatient and don’t trust myself to hold”

– “My dad thinks its a ponzi scheme he wouldn’t let me buy it so I had to accept it for promotions, sold some, reinvested that” LOL zero cost basis he can’t lose!

Technical Analysis

– Started using TA about a year ago – crypto application about 6 months ago

– What are the charts telling you right now?

– Exec: “Inconclusive”

– Fundamental analysis + TA for entry?

– TE: “Yes exactly – fundamental analysis tells me if I should invest in a stock and TA tells me when I should invest in a stock” actually very good alpha there

Cobie: “If I have any advice its to not listen to Ledger’s advice”

Teen Exec: “Thats good advice” LMAO he’s electric!

Exec: “UpOnly is mine now I’m taking over!”

How’d you become an influencer?

– “What motivates me is that making money is fun”

– “I follow the money”

– 10 days in I made a video called “How I Made $5000 Instead of Buying a Gucci Wallet”

– was gonna buy a Gucci wallet for $500, instead bought Tesla and a year later it was $5000

– I was in a state of shock on my couch watching my video go from 5,000 views to 20,000 to 30,000 views

– TE: “Ya people really liked it but also really hated it” LOL “and they’d comment which really helped the algorithm”

– “I’m going into high school next year and have been working on my comebacks and I know when they’re good cause Ill ratio the guy”

– “This one kid was making fun of me saying my videos are annoying and his parents just bought an $8 million dollar house and I said how’s it feel to be a maggot living off of your parents for the rest of your life and he walked away crying”

– Ledger: “You are ready for a job at Goldman” LMAO

Cobie: “This is like the only time the chat hasn’t been toxic”


– “My parents would prob disown me if I didn’t go to college”

– Planning on econ at UCLA then MBA at Harvard

– Not gonna go to a corporation – gonna always do his own thing

– Ledger: “You’ll learn more through the internet than an MBA”


– Mr. EXEC: “Jeff Bezos”

– Cobie: “yup going big just the richest man ever” lmao

– Teen Exec: “Warren Buffett”

– “He’s kinda like me he likes making money cause its fun not to buy nice things”

– Cobie: “Mine is Mark Cuban – he lives such a baller life. Built a company, sold it, built another company, sold it, now he just owns a sports team – fun life he got his priorities right”

ALPHA LEAK Cobie is 31 y/o don’t know if we knew that

Ever Been Recognized as Teen Exec?

– Exec: “All the time every day”

– “I was on on vacation and got recognized 8 times in 5 days”

– “Whenever I’m at the beach with friends and stuff get recognized there”

– “People try to bully me cause I’m short and do stocks but they don’t realize that I wreck people”

Things TE Doesn’t Like

– Sneaker reselling

– Just very boring

Teen Exec Viral Advice for Cobie & Ledge

– For TikTok, the first 3 seconds are KEY

– Who’s gonna skip on “HERE’S HOW I’M GONNA BUY A HOUSE AT 15”

Ledger’s kids are 6 and below w/ 100% net worth in crypto CHADS

Teen Exec Question for Cobie

– “What go you into making money?”

– Cobie grew up middle class with hardworking honest parents to provide for him, learned the value of money went to university with trust fund kids, motivated, then started shitcoining and now he’s here!

Chat Q&A (Part 1)

– NFTs? “nah”

– First car? “Tesla Model 3”

    – Cobie: “Just get a Jaguar F type” very fresh car

– Biggest lost? “the $3000 from Robinhood options”

– Videogames? “nah”

– Handling golddiggers? “I don’t buy anybody nothing and girls don’t like me so if she’s out of my league and flirting I know she’s a gold digger”

Chat Q&A (Part 2)

– School? “i’m 2 years ahead in math, 1.5 years ahead in science, everything else just honors”

– Music? “i like music” – “Duke Ellington” (jazz musician from the ‘40s)

– Ledger: “that fits right in with your country club vibe” LMAO


– “I haven’t read books for fun for 5 years… my parents resent me for it”

– Cobie: “I think reading intelligent authors can often be +EV”

– Cobie’s only advice – reading fiction is fun


– “Everyone that says something negative about you 100% of the time is either jealous or unhappy with something deep in their life, so don’t let it get to you”

Ledger ends the show with a Canadien accent legit incredible maybe best part of the show keep doing different accents bls 🤝

Notes by Kevin

Music by GiovanniPickle