Doug Polk on crypto, poker, and epic scams

In this episode of UpOnly, Doug Polk joins Cobie and Ledger to talk about his many adventures, from becoming a best in class heads up poker player, to long term crypto investing, content creation, and several stories of scams he's run across.

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Show Notes


– Ledger nailed new intro

– UpOnly sponsored by FTX now!

– Blockfolio is now FTX (as everything soon will be)

– Doug was watching an MLB game and saw FTX on an umpire

– So wild


– *one beer*

– *has cravings if he skips his beer*

– *in a weight-loss competition with Primo to lose 10% of body weight*

– Doug: “That 1 beer per day is costing you 16-17 pounds per year!”

Doug’s Crypto Journey

– 2012-2013ish

– Got in because of poker – online poker caused onboarding

– Doug: “the asset appreciation element kinda made sense to me” lol us too sir

Bitcoin v Banks

– People complain about bank fees and then Bitcoin fees spike lol

– Block time also kind of a hassle

– Cobie: “Nowadays if an Ethereum block takes like a full minute I’m pissed”

– Cobie: “Solana is fast enough and if you use it you can afford to live in New York”

Zoomers & Internet Native Generation

– Ledger: “How many people bought SafeMoon and bridged to BSC? Like how did they do that???”

– Cobie: “We had an interview with Teen Exec and he just understands the internet way better than I do”

– Also have the YouTubers who can show you step by step exactly how to buy the top

– Cobie: “Every time a project comes on UpOnly its the exact top of their thesis”

– Light – super bearish at the bottom

– SCAM and CUMROCKET – top tick on the episode

– Charlie Lee even top ticked Litecoin


– DOGE founder is coping so hard that he won’t come back

– People would easily donate like millions to this guy

The B Word Conference

– Cobie: “I think Cathie Wood is fking phenomenal”

– “Elon just kept talking about Tesla chargers”

– Doug: “I think Jack needs to have a better idea of how Bitcoin can actually be implemented to fix these issues”

– “Also Elon has a firm belief in ‘Bitcoin has to be 50% renewable’ for someone who’s dad was an emerald miner”

– “His Bitcoin takes felt not extremely researched”

– Ledger: “At some point do you stretch yourself a little too thin if you’re trying to create Mars money and [xyz other stuff]”

Doug’s Challenge

– Poker career focused on 1v1 poker

– Challenged a rival troll guy who was after him to a 1v1 for $1,000,000

– This guy was a major underdog

– He said yes LOL

– $40k buy in, any time you dropped off you bought back in with $40k

– Doug won $1.2M off of this guy lol

– Now they are boys

– Ledger: “you had a lot of reputational tie into this as well – like if you lost it’d be like me losing to Cobie in a trading competition”

– Cobie: “you’ve had some anthropologically bad trades that should be on wikipedia” lmao

Poker & Crypto

– Is it banking the unbanked? Or math, trading, etc. stuff?

– Doug: “Poker guys understand having an edge and are used to losing”

– “Today 200 guys played, 15 paid, so 185 lost” fack

– “Can’t handle losing, can’t do poker”

– “Some edge/ trading aspects, some keeping your money off the books aspects… some of the poker community is DEEP in crypto”

No More Poker 4 Doug

– Basically turned from an art to an exact science that you need to memorize

– Doug: “The reality is the guy who spent 2x the time is going to be better”

– Online vs. in person is the same *at the higher levels*

Doug’s Journey

– Just moved to Austin TX

– Was part of the mass migration

– Left Vegas, “I wanted something idk less stripper-ey” lol

– Nashville would also be great

– Doug: “The ‘Keep Austin Weird’ signs need to come down like that is so far gone, its a tech hub now!”

Ledger’s Fame

– Going to give Doug some Alabama BBQ places off air to not dox his micro location

– Cobie and Doug start laughing at the exact same time

– Cobie: “We have the same joke don’t we”

– Doug: “Ya Ledger you wouldn’t want anyone driving 700 miles out to see you” lmao

– Ledger got recognized 2 weeks ago


– Doug called BitConnect like a week before it happened

– Everyone knew him as the guy who called it lol

– “Save The Kids Token”

– Fake charity token that was somehow supposed to save the kids

– FaZe & some youtube guy Sam Pepper

– creep

Tether FUD

– Doug: “I actually don’t agree with any of the Tether FUD” YES DOUG

– Doug: “Like pretty much people won’t be happy unless they have $60 Billion in a checking account”

– based

ETH 2.0

– If/ wen ETH2 happens, are people still rushing to send their money through MATIC? prolly not

– Probably won’t be a scaling benefit until sharding

– Cobie – prolly rollup-centric solution to scaling when it all works out


– Created down only tokenomics of ZCash *disclaimer: this is FUD*

– Uses security of L1 w/ cheaper scaling

– Vitalik said it’d take like 5 years of optimistic rollups before ZK rollups but now looking like straight to ZK rollups

– More gigabrain Cobie

Top Scams Ever

– 1. Poker guy knew the guy in god-mode and won legit every tournament

– Won like $250k

– 2. Joshua Tyler – installed a trojan on Doug’s computer and could see his cards

– Got investigated and Doug got his money back!


– Doug: “In life, you should always bet the biggest on yourself”

– “No one is going to work as hard as you or be as honest as yourself”

– “When you get opportunities to bet big on yourself, take them and you’ll never regret it”

Notes by Kevin

Music by GiovanniPickle