OBJ on his journey into crypto, investing, NFTs, and more

In this episode, Cobie & Ledger talk to Odell Beckham Junior. Yes, that one. He owns crypto, and even bought a punk. We chat about that and much more.

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Show Notes

*Ledger flexed OBJ guest appearance to young neighbor

*And OBJ shouted him out! legend

intern note – given this is crypto, worth pointing out that OBJ is maybe the best wide receiver in the world

Football & Intro

– OBJ’s in training camp rn (Cleveland Browns)

– When OBJ made “the catch”, it changed almost everything in his life

– OBJ now playing with his best friend Jarvis Landry

– They’re hazing the new Auburn WR

Journey into Crypto

– OBJ: “The world is evolving and this is where you got to be, this is the space”

– Ledge: “You have teammates that talk crypto?”

– OBJ: “Yeah it’s locker room talk like people always saying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, all that.”

– OBJ: “You gotta get with this world or get left behind”


– NFL money’s not gonna last you a lifetime – you gotta be able to invest

– Cobie: “How do you find someone u can trust with ur finances?”

– OBJ: “It’s family man, you know they got your back”

– Pro athletes get paid so fat so early… gotta invest in order to make sure you got $ when you’re old

– OBJ: “You gotta inform yourself and be able to continue to catch up and learn”

Athletes Paid in Bitcoin

– Messi going to PSG getting paid some in Bitcoin

– Trevor Lawrence talking about getting paid FULLY in Bitcoin!

– Cobie: “Why do you think this is happening?”

– OBJ: “Bro you gotta tell me!”

– Saquon Barkley putting all his promotional money in Bitcoin

– OBJ asking Ledger if he thinks u should just get paid in Bitcoin or invest in Bitcoin after getting paid?

– Ledger: “You should get an FTX partnership like Tom Brady”

Quick game: what’s Cobie drinking?

Cobie: “Classic British Cider from the west country”


– Cobie: “How’re NFTs perceived in the locker room?”

– OBJ: “We were all wondering if we missed the wave, has it cooled off, what should we do”

– Cobie: “It’s popping off now”

– Big crypto hedge funds just bought a ton of NFTs

– OBJ (just bought a crypto punk, legend): “Am I late?”

– Ledger: (in many more words) “No”

– OBJ: (on NFTs) “Feel you 100%, feel like it’s gotta be authentic to me. I gotta care”

– Cobie: “What made you wanna get a crypto punk?”

– OBJ: “The guys who were ahead of the curve were saying these are gonna be it so I gotta rock with them”


OBJ: “If I gave you $1 million right now, where would you invest it?”

– Ledger: “There’s a lot of upside with the majors (BTC, ETH) – take half of it and put it in there”

– “Take the other half and spray it out – seed investments, potential growth projects, NFTs but not just for art”

– Cobie: “Alright, I would buy a bunch of Ethereum killers (Solana, Avalanche) and stake it – take 33% and put it in Ethereum and stake it (using Lido) – then NFTs and DeFi, mostly betting on teams”

– Brooooo OBJ just made Ledger and Cobie spill their positions and alpha more than any other crypto native guest before 😂

– OBJ: “I still got a few questions”

OBJ Q&A for Cobie & Ledger


– OBJ: “How much money have you made with this”


– Cobie: “To all the agencies watching, I have finally made it to 1,000 Pounds”

– OBJ: “What’s the best trade you ever made?”

– Cobie: “I followed this YouTube guy and made like 100x all my money in a month, into a -70%, which taught me how to really understand this space”

– Cobie: “When Mt. Gox crashed this guy made an options protocol to see if the coins would come back and that was majorly inefficient”

– Ledger: “This organization called Pancakeswap gave me $100 and it turned into like $8000…I had $5000 in and sold at break even. That woulda been $600k”

OBJ just turned the whole podcast into a Q&A to learn and get free alpha off Cobie and Ledger 👑

Final Questions

– Cobie: “Can we do an NFT collectibles?”

– OBJ: “Bro you hit me up after this” lmao lets go

– Ledger: “Tell people to take it slow, don’t think this is gonna blow up overnight” not a question but sound advice nonetheless


– OBJ: “There are times in life where you wanna give up… don’t ever let anything deter you from your dreams or where you believe you belong in life”

Notes by Kevin

Music by GiovanniPickle