How to make it in NFTs, with Keyboard Monkey.

In this episode, we learn from Keyboard Monkey, who has made 8 figures in profit with NFTs, actively investing on both buy and sell side.

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Show Notes

The Very Beginning

– KMonkey almost degened all of his money away pre-2020

– Was getting yelled at by risk managers at work

– Had $250k around the covid dumps in 2020

– Now is deep 8 figures

– Monkey is now “diversified”, meaning stocks, real estate, private equity, etc.

– KM: “I don’t wanna go to 0 again” lol me 2 m8

– Mostly traded stocks in 2020

Wen NFTs?

– Started really getting in in Feb 2021

– Started with Hashmasks

– KM: “I had a guy writing algorithms for me to find rarities, staying up all night to trade these things”

Trading NFTs

– Keyboard Monkey often will go all in then panic and dump all bags but it has worked so far lol

– Whenever Kmonkey panics new huge buyers come in, like recently he was selling and some Saudi Arabian fund came in and scooped a Fidenza for 1000 ETH

– *Cobie spots Fluf in KM’s portfolio*

– Ledger: “I’ll buy that”

– Monkey: “The ROIs you get on NFTs in such a short amount of time is really ridiculous”

– Trading is a blend of flipping and buying long term art that KM really likes

– Cobie: “If you mapped some of these on a chart they’d basically go straight up” lol very true

    – Very good for momentum trades

– Kmonkey: “If you could short NFTs I’d be ruined”

How to Pick NFTs

– Ledger: “What makes them stand out? What makes them special?”

– KM: “If you look at a Fidenza, there are no shitty Fidenzas. Same with Penguins there are no shitty Penguins”

– KM: “It’s a narrative spiral mixed with good art mixed with who’s buying them”

– ‘dino pals’ selling for 6 figures!

– Cobie: “wtf are we doing hahaha”

NFT Betas

– KM: “You can look at mid tiers… when floor price is rising and the project is gaining traction, picking off mid tiers can be a great play, there’s a little alpha for ya”

Trading Style

– Cobie: “Is it fair to say you take a small loss that you punt right away, or you get a winner and let it ride to a homerun?”

– KM: “Absolutely, I kinda take losses like a death by 1,000 cuts but when I find a winning trade I pile in with size”

– Without diversification a blow up can obviously be devastating

NFTs Growing Crypto

– Ledger: “There are a lot of people who never clicked with crypto but now are all in on NFTs”

– Ledger: “We really underestimated NFTs power of collectibles to bring in normies”

– KM: “Cyclical booms definitely the next phase of NFTs”

– KM: “Can be a big hot potato game until bigger money comes in, which historically it has been”

Information Flow

– Have 3 screens open: Twitter, Telegram, Discord

– KM: “Its all just information coming in and keeping your ear to the ground”

– Cobie: “100% that’s a key for crypto”

*@RookieXBT just live bought the red dino… great speed sir

Turnkey NFT Trades

Art Side

– Wouldn’t buy a Fidenza

– Would go to Art Blocks (~50 ETH)

– Then Fuzy Squigles (~20 ETH)

– Then for a higher end piece, a Ringer

PFP side

– Bored Apes

– Pudgy Penguins

– Forgotten Runes

– Then the pedo rabits, FLUFs

– Hashmasks

Projects With Roadmaps

– Cobie: “I don’t like the roadmaps as much because with Penguins and Punks it’s like you know what you’re in for, with roadmaps you still gotta rely on team execution which has risk”

– KM: “I think you nailed it, short term roadmap is bullish but if they fall through on that its hyper bearish”

Question From Luke

– Luke: “What would you do for someone with less than 10 ETH?”

– Kmonkey: “Look for volume and liquidity in PFPs, wait for momentum then flip them into bigger projects”

– Minting typically won’t do as well


    – AKA Penguins, Bored Apes, Degen Apes (SOL)

Anything You Keep Forever?

– Kmonkey: “I keep saying yes and then someone pays astronomically for it”

– Cobie: “DC Investor (@iamDCinvestor) has never sold anything and his portfolio is around like 8 figures or 9 figures”

– Cobie: “They have a level of conviction I respect – similar to traders who try to flip every coin vs. investors who find long term value”

How To Value

– KM: “Typically price follows rarity, sometimes its a personal connection though”

– KM: “Looks like all of the punk buyers are guys sitting at their computers wearing hoodies” lolll great insight sir

NFTs on Other Chains

– Degen Apes on Solana


– *full disclosure I’m all in degen apes

– KM: “The other chains do offer the opportunity to be super early”

NFTs For People Who Hate Everything?

– Gaming stuff

– $AXS for example

– RARE and other NFT coins


– Cobie: “An NFT project called Noah’s Ark where there’s a male and female of each animal and like 10,000 total”

– Ledger: “It’s like FLUFs breeding” lol ledger!


– Keyboard Monkey: “Be patient. Once you find the project, ape first and ask questions later”

Notes by Kevin

Music by GiovanniPickle