Crypto Narratives with Frank Chapparo

In this episode of UpOnly, Ledger interviews Frankie “Scoops” Chaparro, from The Block. They discuss narratives of the last month since UpOnly has been off, from LL/Yuga to crypto politics, and more.

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Show Notes

Why Shave Mustache?

– “It’ll come back”

– Cousins getting married, doesn’t wanna steal the show

The Block

– Scoops has been there since 2018

– Soon to be 4 year anniversary

– 100+ people

– Have data, research content, consulting/ advisory

– Subscription products for all these legacy folks

Venture Capital

– Last year there was 32B that poured into crypto VC


– Bored Apes/ Larva Labs

– Some people outside of crypto may not think apes are impressive from an art standpoint

– “this price is ridiculous!”

– But there are so many things that are like that, handbags for example

Environmental Impact of NFTs?

– There is a lag between what we know in crypto vs what the outside world knows

– Even when there are changes to make it better, it takes a long time for the public to accept a net narrative

– It’s just a viral narrative

Larva Labs Deal

– Scoops was surprised

– He never expected M&A among NFT entities

– Might even be a bit of a risk arbitrage

– Mike Dudas talked about how LinksDAO was in the cross hairs of regulators

Crypto Politics

– “If it quacks like a duck and it walks like a duck, then its a security!” -Franky Scoops

– People will likely get voted out of office if they take an anti crypto stance

– Ryan Selkis potentially running

– There are a few other crypto natives thinking about running

– Free market resonates with the right

– Protect the power of the dollar pushes away the right

– “Banking the unbanked” resonates with the left

– Environmental concerns pushes away the left

– Ted Cruz will do anything for a vote

– Ledger: “I think we need to get Dan Matuszewski to run up there in Boston”

– “He’d hate it so much that he’d be a good politician”

– Frank: “He’d be a great politician”

– Ledger: “Can you imagine Dan up there getting grilled by congress”

– “He’s start grilling them back give them the Boston treatment”

Exciting Trends

– Excited about NFTs moving separately from the other markets

– Interest rates in crypto

Insane Wealth

– SBF and CZ just have unheard of money

– More scared of normal multimillionaires than crypto billionaires

– The crypto billionaires have just been super humble – SBFs story is classic

– Scoops: “Comparison is often the thief of joy”

– Why can people not hang on to their Bored Apes?!

– Just targeted much more often

Terra and Do Kwon

– Do Kwon is very relaxed

– They want to make UST the largest stablecoin across various different chains

– Sometimes he wakes up, puts on pants, and just buys $1B worth of Bitcoin


– When prices are going down, just remember to count all of the blessings that you have in your life. Things could be a lot worse 🙂

Notes by Kevin and Luke

Music by GiovanniPickle