Cobie’s Back: State of the Market with eGirl Capital

Loomdart, CL, and Mewn from eGirl Capital join Cobie & Ledger to discuss the market: NFTs rising, bears vs bulls, World Coin, and more.

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Show Notes

Watching the Market
⁃ Cobie doesn’t watch the market much when it’s like this – no point
⁃ Ledger has been playing it EVERY DAY
⁃ Loomdary is an animated blueberry ffs lets go 🫐
⁃ NFTs been MOONing 🌕

Catching Cobie Up
⁃ Axies has basically increased the GDP of the Philippines by a substantial amount
⁃ Loomdart: “the only people left after the [NFT Project] dump are the people who don’t know how to sell”
⁃ Cobie can always tell when we’re topping except NFTs its so hard to know with these things
⁃ SAND is becoming hot 🏝
⁃ Rides AXS coat tails

⁃ The token is basically used for governance
⁃ But the governance has been ridiculous recently ($20M for DeFi education lobbying)
⁃ Industry standard for crypto venture capital is about 10% discount per year to lock tokens
⁃ Lots of talk on VC landscape – whether its better to raise from VCs at a discount or from retail and have to deal with all their crazy shit

⁃ Has AXS the token outperformed the rare items in the game?
⁃ In game objects (land, mystics, others) seem to have performed better than the coin 🏔🧙‍♂️


Su Zhu Bearish
⁃ TA does not look great here
⁃ Loom: “There is no other group in crypto that has destroyed the price like the Chinese miners” ⛏
⁃ They were basically short selling coins they didn’t even have yet so they would hope the coin would go down
⁃ Summer is slow good time for a vacation ☀️
⁃ Loom: “I’m fairly bullish here”

Flippening & Alts
⁃ Loom: “I wouldn’t want to live in a world where ETH flips Bitcoin cause like wtf comes after that”
⁃ Cobie: “I understand why Bitcoin maxis are mad cause they’re like imagine how high my bags would have pumped if it weren’t for all your shit” lolll
⁃ Ledger: “Bitcoin’s best use case is buying alt coins”
⁃ ^taken out of context on purpose dw

CL First Speaks
⁃ CL: “I’m doing pretty good”
⁃ CL: “I longed some contracts and slowly coping. BTC is slowly dripping so yeah” 💦
⁃ Dripping, minging, same ol

⁃ Loom is bullish 🐂
⁃ Just can’t look at the chart
⁃ Cobie: “that’s actually true like sometimes just looking at price, not the chart, is a good play”
⁃ Ledge: “dude we are just FUDding a project without any knowledge that’s all we’ve done this whole show” lmao

⁃ What does Cobie think it is? no previous knowledge
⁃ Cobie: “world coin… Y combinator… VCs… what VCs?”
⁃ Ledge: “a16z, multicoin, guys like that”
⁃ Cobie: “alright that gives me nothing”
⁃ Cobie: “so something maybe like Libra, a stablecoin, bank the bankless and save the world etc…”
⁃ Lol
⁃ Ledge: “it’s basically Sam Altman with a basketball orb that scans your eyeball and gives your free tokens” 👀
⁃ shame CL will not get in since he’s a cat

Loomdart’s Fun Little Fact
⁃ if you ever need to hide yourself on camera all you really need to hide is your eyes 📝

Save The Kids Token
⁃ These guys have done so many crypto pump n dumps that they get more arrogant – this one was too far
⁃ Fake charity token
⁃ FaZe guys got kicked out of FaZe for being behind it

League of Legends
⁃ Cobie: “I’m pretty good like played maybe 2000 games this season”
⁃ CL: “I used to play for our school team”

⁃ Very hard to pull regulation on these guys
⁃ “Save The Kids” token seems like the easiest rug ever for regulators to go after
⁃ It’s still very hard though
⁃ Like the specific language feels incriminating but if regulators push that, and these rich scammers win, it sets a very bad precedent

⁃ Just super cool where they just declared ownership over emojis
⁃ Tough to compete there lol
⁃ ❤️🐒👑
⁃ ENS domains are very cool, but would be hard to do with emojis


No screen for moon so here’s a photoshop from Luke:

Loomdart: “crypto is winning guys don’t forget”

Notes by Kevin

Music by GiovanniPickle