Trader Stream with ISO, SZ, and Abe

In this episode of UpOnly, Crypto ISO, SZ, and Abe come on to talk markets, from metaverse narratives to futures scalping.

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Show Notes


– abetrade – making case for leverage if you’re at least decent at trading

– Cobie: “Is there a reasonable path for someone who’s new to crypto to becoming profitable within 6 months to 1 year?”

– abe: “Yeah I mean I started on legacy markets…took me like 2-3 years before I became reasonably profitable”

– abe just sticks to BTC and ETH

– SZ traded 10 years of FX, but then 1 alt run can just make him more

– SZ thinks the dollar top is in

– iso used to leverage trade a lot

– thinks everyone should go through that phase to figure out what they’re good at

– did mostly TA, trying to catch bids on the pain points in the market

– now mostly buy and holds, finds good projects and invests in fundamentals

– saw this coming for metaverse and gaming tokens


– ISO has a strong thesis there and is holding a lot of metaverse and gaming tokens

– iso sees that the metaverse already exists – his nephew spends so much time on Fortnite and Roblox. That’s where he hangs out with his friends and trades things in game

– saw that crypto had an obvious intersection there and the assets would be on chain

– sold AXS way too early lol

– but has a long term thesis that crypto gaming will be HUGE

– ISO: “This is inning 1 of crypto gaming”

– Much more narrative trading now

– Cobie: “Adam, do you think the metaverse is a real thing?”

– Adam: “No I think it’s gonna be huge…I think its the next step”

– Cobie: “ISO – how do you position for these trades?”

– mostly relative trades based on users/ large caps and small caps

– ISO: “Video games transitioning to p2e will make people see that this is not a waste of time, and its a source of income”

Moar Trading

– “I think we go higher”

– the alt L1s never pump at the same time

– gotta catch the rotation

– Cobie: “Bitcoin culture is almost cringe within crypto now”

– it used to be cool and dangerous and Silk Road and stuff, but now its just cringey

– Cobie: “I think I’m philosophically against EIP 1559, economically for it”

Macro Outlook

– Ledger: “You gotta look for ways to justify your positions so when price action goes against you ya need macros to justify it” lol

– by the time everyone’s saying it its priced in

– some stocks talk and macro somethings

– SZ thinks 52k then maybe 60k

Personal Max Pain

– Ledger: “Zcash under $200”

– Sam coins are absolutely crushing Barry coins

– Sam coins just go up, Barry coins get crushed lol

Back to Metaverse

– ISO: Wilder World had great fundamentals and kept hitting their milestone

– Next wave is potentially gaming on AVAX

– Also, NEAR protocol has an $800M fund pushing their ecosystem

L1 Rotation Trade Dead?

– Tough to tell, def not going to 0, but maybe relative momentum

– Cobie: “I mean SBF might literally have infinite bid for Solana with like a few bps of FTX”

– Bullish unlocks?

– Cobie: “People get scared of unlocks, but with the ‘bullish unlock’ meme, most of the locked coins are sold OTC on a trust basis, so the people holding aren’t up 10,000x, the new holders are really only up like 2-3x”

– There are bearish unlocks when FDV is high, volume is low, investors are up, etc


– ISO: “Really important to keep an open mind – a lot of success in life will come from surrounding yourself with the right people”

– SZ: “Take somebody less fortunate that’s in the space and try to change their life. 1 at a time”

– Adam: “There are so many things you can do – spend less time arguing about what is the best way to make money and spend more time following your own curiosity”

Notes by Kevin

Music by GiovanniPickle