Path on NFTs, the metaverse and crypto cycle price predictions.

Cobie & Ledger are joined by Cryptopathic to talk about the state of NFTs, what he likes and doesn't like, the metaverse and valuations and trends in the market.

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Show Notes


– Path has never had a job

– Ledger: “You basically went from being a child, to retired”

– Ledge wants to bring Teen Executive back on to teach him a lesson

– Path bought Bitcoin on the run up in 2013 around $100

– Went to $250 then dropped to $50 in 3 days

– Largest red candle ever? 80%?

2014 Alt Coins

– Feathercoin, BlackCoin

– Ledger bought BlackCoin in 2017 lmao

– BlackCoin was the best pump cause it ripped like 10x, then WhiteCoin pumped right after

– Do not hold something longer than the 1st pump

Path’s Convictions

– Had a lot of ETH back in the day but sold early

– Then built a large position in the 2019 bear market

– Path: “High fees are bullish”

– For Ethereum, you’re paying for the security

– A lot of volume will shift to layer 2 in the coming years


– Path was high conviction ZEC early on

– It has really been down only since then

– Zooko (Zcash creator) mentioned in the white paper

– Military very interested in Zk-SNARKs

– for 60 IQ newbs, Zk-SNARK = Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge


– Path fudded Tezos a bit for NFTs back in May

– The founder quote-tweeted him and got pissed

– Path: “Tezos as an investment isn’t great really”

– Path: “Tezos is definitely the second best chain for NFTs after ETH”

– Chat: “How can you say Tezos is the second best NFT chain when Solana exists?”

– Path: “Tezos has actual art!” he likes the art


– CryptoKitties took off 2017 peaks

– Rare Pepes were even before that

– CryptoPunks prob still a great buy

– Axie Infinity is paying people more than minimum wage in their countries

– Path: “Axie Infinity is only the first one of these metaverse games”

– Path: “Save your money and wait for the big collections to come along”

– Path: “Eventually all artists will come to NFTs, even if they hate it now”

– 1/1s have performed very well

– MekaVerse is the biggest NFT drop maybe ever, comes out in 45 min


– Path fractionalized the fiesty DOGE picture

– Now has a market cap of 8,700 ETH ($31M)

    – that’s a very profitable day

– PleasrDAO fractionalized the original DOGE picture

– Bought for $4M, now worth $250M

– Cobie: “Why is dog money a thing at all?”

– It shows that memes have real value

Path soothingly talking and Ledger casually charting in the background

Cobie: “It’s pretty cool how Sam is the richest person under 30 and he just replies to your DMs and tweets”


– Cobie: “Do you still trade or are you just a collectooor?”

– Path: “I’ve been trading still, mostly NFTs”

– Still likes Bitcoin, longer ETH

– ETH will go sideways before $4k, then in a month or two you lever up on a dip and watch it rip

– Bitcoin probably runs first, then others after

– Path: “ETH chart looks good… going to $20k easy”

– Path: “This is the supercycle I don’t think these bleed out anymore”


– Been in development since 2002

– Your ID is locked to a planet or star

– You can buy planets, stars, and galaxies

– It’s all about decentralizing everything and not being at the mercy of Microsoft or Apple or anything

– Path: “It’s a great idea, it’s a really interesting idea”

– Path: “This is the next big thing after NFTs and metaverse and stuff, you guys will be on this in like 5 years”

Asset Name Tops

Bitcoin – $250k

Ethereum – $80k

Solana – $500

Cardano – $20

Chainlink – $400

Zcash – $5000

LUNA – isn’t that a stablecoin?

AAVE – $1000

BNB – $2000

FTT – $300

TSLA – $0

GME – $1000

UK Gas Prices – ???

Floor Punk – 300-400 ETH

XTZ – $50

XRP – $3

Other Chat Questions

– The land produces Axies and Axies themselves are yield generating so its like a double

– AVAX is good but you’re getting dumped on by funds

– Honoraries are given to be sold

– OpenSea will likely do a token


– Path: “Just be yourself”

– Cobie: “What about if you suck?”

– Path: “Get better”

Notes by Kevin

Music by GiovanniPickle